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"Many people have questions about their credit report. We are often asked, what is a credit report? What information does it contain? And where does this information come from? People often feel overwhelmed by the thought of their credit history and they feel that they have no control over the information it contains. Rest Assured, you can understand it and you do have control over the information it contains."


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Consumers all over the states receive junk mail which is actually the result of direct marketing campaigns designed to get you to buy a product or service. It's called direct marketing because it attempts to match you and your buying preferences with offers that are likely to make you buy a product or service. When you purchase a product or service and give the company your name and address, the chances are you are being added to one or more mailing lists used for direct marketing. This is true when you buy a car or a house use a shopping card, sign for a credit card, subscribe to a magazine, buy something form a catalog, give money to a charity, or fill out a product registration form.



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WE HAVE BEEN EHLPING CLIENTS FOR OVER 30 YEARS TO INVESTIGATE THEIR CREDIT. will investigate including but not limited to bankruptcy, tax lien, judgment or even late pay, GUARANTEED!

It only takes about 90 days. However, we will work on our clients' case until their score reaches 720 or better.

That is our Guarantee. First we help you obtain a copy of your 3 credit reports from the credit bureaus. Then we recalculate your personal credit score, using our proprietary software. The system will breakdown each item offering us 100 points of correction. Once this is accomplished, it will show us what points need to be removed to raise your credit score up to 720 or better. Typically, it only takes about 90 days*, however we will work on your case until reaches 720 or better.


  • Late Payments
  • Invalid Items
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Foreclosures
  • Charge Offs
  • Collections
  • Identity Thefts